Christian, Are you happy today? – Poem

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Christian, are you happy today?

Mighty walls of Jericho have fallen!
Yet, does it’s treasures cause you to fall?
Out of Egypt through the blood you have come,
Yet, does your heart yearn for its flesh-pots?
Sprinting, you escaped the burning Sodom,
Yet, does it’s smoldering wealth cause you to turn back?

From darkness to light He brought you,
Yet, are you still blind to see the light?
Beggary to palace He lifted you,
Yet, is unrighteous rags your clothing today?
Crucified was He to give you new life,
Yet, is your old man crucified with its deeds?
Hands to the plough you work in His field,
Yet, do you turn back?

His blood did flow for your sin’s double cure,
Cleansing of guilt and victory over its power.
His death, His resurrection are no mere facts just to be believed,
They are realities to experienced!

The war shall be won at end,
Yet, Is the battle won today?
Being born again was a happy day,
Christian, are you happy today?

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