Nigel George – THE JOURNEY OF PAUL [Poem]

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There was a man
His name was Paul,
He was a great man but small.
He was a short man
with not much looks,
But in the bible he wrote 13 of his own books.

To preach the Gospel
He traveled land and seas,
Derbe, Lystra, and Athens in Greece.
Some believed him
Some did not,
That Jesus christ was the lamb without spot.

Many Kings, Pharisees and Priests were against him,
But Paul knew God had something in store for him.
Still he kept preaching
From place to place,
And slowly started getting old and was reaching the end of his race.

Before he was killed
His last words were,
I have fought the good fight
I have kept the Faith
I have finished the race.

And within a twinkling of an eye,
He sees his Saviour and his Master face to face.

– Nigel George

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