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Living by Faith And Not By Sight

Many a people pressed, thronged and fell on Lord Jesus,
But it was the soft touch on the Hem of His garment,
Which was enough to heal the woman of her issue of blood;
Cause the touch was of faith- “Faith to make her Whole”.

Many a Zacheuses’ climbed sycamore trees;
To perhaps get a glimpse of Elijah  performing miracles,
Or John the Baptist resurrected from the dead,
Or some other prophet;
But it was to one of them who knew that
This Man is no prophet but Messiah Himself,
Did our Dear Lord say “I must abide at your home”,
Cause He climbed with faith to See the Messiah and no other

Many a Blind Bartimaeuses’ sat by the highway begging;
But it was to him who cried out to Messiah for mercy,
Prevailing over those who charged him to hold peace,
Did our dear Lord heal;
Cause it was a cry faith- Faith to make Him whole

Many a women living in Sidon and Tyre had
Their daughter possessed with demons;
But it was to one of them who cried out
And equaled herself to a dog,
Did our dear Lord say “Great is thy faith”
And healed her darling;
Cause she cried with faith- Faith to make herself and her daughter whole.

My Dear Friend, You have been asked to live by Faith
And not by sight
For without faith, it is impossible to please God.

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