Renewed – By Rebecca Rajan [Song]

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So I Come In Weakness

So I Come In Weakness!

This song is written and composed by Rebecca Rajan

This is the lyrics-

You are not a God
Formed by human hands
You’re the God who
Formed the universe
You read all my thoughts
And you know my heart
Yet you chose to lay
Your life for me

Ch. So I come in weakness
Into Your Holy presence Lord
And myself surrender
Into Your tender mercies Lord
And with the strength You give me
Help me to be renewed
Day by day as You lead me
I will mount up with wings as eagles

2) I ran towards Tarshish
Against Your holy wish
Yet You turned my life
Right back to You!
Though I ran so far
You chased after me
How can I repay
This debt of love

Ch) I will come in weakness……

Br) There’s nothing in me to desire
I’m just a fading vapour
A rebel, a fool, a sinner
Yet Jesus is my Saviour
Would the clay command the Potter ?
Or creation their own Maker?
But here’s the rebel, the fool and a sinner
Now made His son and daughter

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