STEADFAST FAITH – Br. George Matthew- [Audio sermon]

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Posted here is the sermon delivered by Br. George Matthew at Borivali Assembly on 30 September 2016.

Passage of Reference: 2 Peter 1:12

Br. George Matthew spoke on a very important topic i.e to be steadfast in our faith. Peter wrote 2 Peter because he saw that the people were established in the truth, they knew about the second coming of the Lord but it was not been seen in their actions and in their life. There were false teachers who hindered but they had to be firm in the truth and not waver in their faith. Peter said that he will remind them and also always stir them to remember everything and also live a steadfast life. We also have to live a life pleasing to his sight so we should never forget what He has done and that if He has said He is coming back He will surely come.

Audio Sermon

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