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Blissful Inheritance

Verse for Today: Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Psalms 33:12 –
Blessed in the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He chose for His inheritance.

True bliss comes to any person or group of people because of their state of affairs. It gives them both process happiness and destination happiness when they are secure and that their needs of all sorts are met. Looking at the way the world is moving forward without any certainty for any thing, whether it is in health, wealth, happiness, weather, relationships, future and the like, it is very difficult to say that there is any scope for the people of the world to enjoy true bliss. But true bliss can be ours if someone is able to guarantee it as a reality day after day. United Nations or governments and systems of any country of the world today have utterly failed to provide such certainties for human life or environment. But such an experience of true blessedness can be ours if God Almighty is on our side. If we know Him personally and have a personal relationship where He is our Father and we are His children, we will be able to enjoy true bliss and happiness. When we know this God intensely, we will be able to see that He regards us at high esteem. He has become our God and He has chosen us as His inheritance. This inheritance of God was lost to sin, world and Satan, but God purchased them through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, on the cross of Calvary and made us His personal property. As we are His inheritance earned through the sacrifice of Jesus, we are considered most precious and valuable. He has taken possession of us for Himself for eternity and would not allow us to be lost or deformed. He would not want us to be hurt, mutilated or exasperated because of what goes on around us in this sinful world. He guarantees true happiness for us and does everything for us so that we would enjoy this happiness in spite of difficult circumstances which prevail around us.

Dear reader, are you enjoying the true blessedness that God has brought you in? He allowed His Son Jesus to carry all our sorrows and burdens and paid the price necessary to purchase us from the clutches of sin and Satan. He has sealed us with His Spirit and no one can break that seal of ownership. Our bliss is guaranteed eternally. When we are in this world, He has kept us in His love, grace, mercy and compassion so that we would enjoy His security and safety in a world full of uncertainty and instability. He has equipped us with His Spirit who is the Spirit of joy and peace with which we are fully surrounded. His joy is joy in spite of circumstances and His peace is peace in the midst of turmoil. He makes sure that there is no diminishing of value of us who are His inheritance. He has invested His Spirit in our bodies which are the earthen vessels. He allows our earthen vessels to be broken so that the investment inside will be visible to the outside world. He wants us to be broken in our selves so that our selves will disappear and the investment of Jesus Christ inside us will be visible to the outside world. The bliss that we are in is the bliss of the Lord Jesus Christ who was full of joy even when He was on the cross. As He carried the cross, suffered persecution in the hands of the soldiers and false accusations from the mob and the religious leaders, the Lord Jesus was joyful and full of divine bliss. This is the state of blessedness that is given to us because of our position as God’s special people and His inheritance. So each experience that we encounter is an opportunity for our internal joy to be exemplified and exhibited to the Christless world that is around us. This is why we are a challenge to the world and to Satan who try to provide artificial joy to people who do not belong to God. Let us take our experiences in this life as great challenges and opportunities to express the true blessedness that is given to us by God and praise God for making us worthy of such experiences and expressions.

Psalms 94:14 – For the Lord will not reject His people; He will never forsake His inheritance.

Thought for Today

God’s children, as His inheritance, are in His hands which is the happiest place in the whole universe.

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