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Verse for Today: Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Romans 8:32 – He who did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up for us all – how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?

The doubting and confusing saint is given greatest confidence by the Word of God that they would not be able to find any reasonable cause to doubt God who has promised to meet all their needs. The infinite grace of God has given us the best that we would ever receive from Him. This is the eternal life which He secured through the sacrifice of His only begotten Son on the cross of Calvary. Jesus is the ultimate and most precious gift that could be given to a sinner to make a saint out of him. In Him we are given all the blessings of the heavenly places. All that we need to live a godly life here on earth are given to us through Jesus Christ. We have a claim on meeting all our needs by the direct divine intervention through Jesus Christ. We have every right to go to the Father through Jesus with all our needs. When we go to the Father through Jesus, Father will not deny us all that we need. In fact, it is already given to us on a daily basis. So when our difficult circumstances send arrows of doubt and confusion our way, it is our great privilege to rebuke all our doubts in the name of Jesus by saying that it is impossible that any of our needs cannot be met by God. Everything that is mundane is far below the value attributed to Jesus in Heaven. In and through Jesus, the Father gives us all that we need to live and serve Him here on earth. So there is no room for any doubt or confusion in the minds of God’s people about any of our mundane needs. It is not reasonable for us to waste our spiritual energies by doubting God’s promises.

Dear reader, as a human being, you might be confronted with doubt about God’s providence for all your needs today. The world with its technology and expertise cannot understand how God would meet your needs in a supernatural way. The world doesn’t fathom the wisdom of God to open the Red Sea or making wine out of water in split seconds. The world cannot absorb raising a dead person or giving sight to a blind in a matter of moments. The world cannot give one person’s lunch to two persons for full satisfaction, let alone several times 5000 persons. So when a saint believes in God’s providence for daily needs according to God’s riches in glory, the world and its master Satan will try to tell our minds as to how logical it is today for God to meet our needs. These agents of doubt and confusion will try to reason with God’s children about the impossibility of God’s provision. These doubts will be the poisonous arrows that are sent to us every moment to take away our confidence in the promises of God and shake us up. It is at this time that the Spirit of God asks us the question as to how it would be possible for God the Father to deny us our basic needs when He has already given us the greatest gift of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Yes, it is impossible that God would deny us our basic emotional, physical and fellowship needs. God is the signatory of this promise that all our needs will be met. He will use natural and supernatural means to give us what we need to live by faith in Him alone. Today we need to rebuke our doubts and confusions and put our total and absolute trust in God to meet our needs, and in Christ it shall surely be done.

Psalms 34:10 – The young lions do lack and suffer hunger; but they who seek the Lord shall not be in want of any good thing.

Thought for Today
God’s very best and absolutely most precious gift to us demands total and absolute faith in His ability and willingness to meet our mundane needs as well.

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