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Delightful consolations!

Verse for Today: Monday, April 23, 2012

Psalms 94:19 – When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul.

Anxiety is a negative reflection of our concerns about unknown future. There are various situations in the future which we assume will affect us negatively and these assumptions develop anxiety in us. Anxious thoughts reproduce its own kind in our minds very fast because of various pressures in life. Our mind works overtime to think about all possible negativity which might come our way and we assume how we will be unable to contain these future events from occurring. As pressures of time, competition, desire for success and unwillingness to suffer loss increase, we tend to assume severe negative consequences of these events in our life. We will slowly start believing that the assumed events would come to subdue us and destroy us and our interests. Such illusions take away our peace and start affecting our behaviors to create panic and fear in us. These emotions will then affect our bodies and will deny us the capacity to rest and sleep. These anxious thoughts slowly invade our lives like a destructive army and leave us frantic, depressed and will take away our mental peace. Our sleeping hours are the best time when we allow our minds to germinate these negative thoughts. But when a child of God is haunted by such negative thoughts and emotions, His Lord will not stand and watch the scenario. God has a panacea for curing these anxious thoughts and emotions. He has consolations and encouragement for His anxious children. He wants them to put all their anxieties on Him and relax. He expects them to hand over all their concerns and negative thoughts to Him so that He can handle it for them. When God is allowed to fill our hearts with His consolations, it will give us delights. God will stand between us and our concerns as a buffer. God’s consolations will thus make His children relax and rest in His presence because their Lord will carry their burdens and will act on their concerns. But we must submit our thoughts and minds to Him and leave it there for Him to act on it.

Dear friend, are you developing anxious moments about your unknown future? Are your concerns slowly developing into anxieties and thus increasing tension in you about your future? Are these negative thoughts tossing you around and making you a puppet in their hands to assume unrealistic negative consequences about your concerns? Remember, your Lord is with you and He knows all about your concerns. It is comforting to know that your Lord will not allow any likely consequences to hurt or destroy you and your future. Your future is full of plans He has for you which are part of His overall plans for this world. Your ministries, the use of your spiritual gifts and the way by which you link with other people are all God’s plans to touch others through you. He will not allow any person, thing or event to disrupt His plan for your life. So your concerns need not have the kind of negative consequences you assume. Even if there are negative consequences, your Lord will turn it all into learning experiences for you as you live to serving Him. He will protect you from all untoward occurrences and will safeguard His plans for you. You are reassured today by the Lord that He will not leave you alone to handle events in your future. He will be your partner in handling all events in your future and will use it all for His glory and for your joy. Your heart and life will be filled with His pleasant consolations which will breed and multiply the joy of the Lord in your life.
Psalms 94:14 – The Lord will not abandon His people, nor will He forsake His inheritance.

Thought for Today

The Lord fills our hearts with pleasant and delightful consolations during our anxious moments.
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