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Verse for Today: Saturday, May 14, 2011
John 20:29 – Then Jesus said to (Thomas), “Because you have seen Me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen Me and yet have believed”.

The way the resurrected Lord Jesus appeared to Thomas is an amazing act of benevolence. Jesus knew the doubts and confusions of Thomas and didn’t ignore him or find fault with him. He was concerned that even the doubtful ones should be given a chance to meet Him and believe on Him. He was willing to set apart A time for a private meeting with Thomas. He had time to clear all the doubts Thomas had. Thomas was asking for evidence-based faith and Jesus was willing to go the extra mile to meet his weak faith. He was available for His disciples in a group as well as individually, as did meet Mary Magdalene and the disciples who travelled to Emmaus. But while confirming the faith of Thomas, Jesus also pronounced that it is a special blessing to believe on Him even as He is unseen. Throughout the last 20 centuries, this privilege has been given to millions of people in all corners of the world to believe in the Lord Jesus without ever seeing Him physically in front of their eyes. Yet they are able to believe because of His Word. They believe because they have faith in Him. It certainly is the confirmation that what is not seen by the naked eyes can still be believed which is normal to human beings. Such belief makes us blessed people because it fills us with the joy of the Lord. Today God is seeking for people who would believe in His ways and put all their trust in the Lord Jesus.

Dear reader, perhaps you are confronted with doubts and confusions about your future and wonder how you are going to make it each day of your life? There is a blessing for you today if you put your faith in the Lord who will honor His promises to you through His Word. If your faith is weak, the Lord will take time to specially and individually speak to you and reason with you. If there is doubt, He will clear it all for you. He will speak to you through your past and through the historical Christian faith that gives you an array of evidences and witnesses to make you believe. Isn’t it true that only His mercy and grace has brought you so far? Are there not enough blessings in your life so far which would be sufficient evidence for you to believe? Has the Lord ever gone back on any of His promises to you that are recorded in His Word? If you consider the lives of the heroes of faith whom we see on the pages of the Bible, you will be amazed how they all lived by faith, yet most of them lived without seeing the Lord Jesus physically. Abraham saw the promises from a distance and received it all by faith. He was a childless patriarch and had to believe that God would not go back on His promises. If we seek Him, we will find Him coming to us in His presence, His Word and promises. Because our faith is weak, He comes to us each day and leads us with evidences from the past to believe on Him for our tomorrows. Today we have the privilege to believe on the Lord who appeared to the doubting Thomas to enable him to believe. He comes to us each moment to make us also believe as we recount all that He has done for us in the past. But that is what makes it faith in the invisible God who holds our hands and leads us forward no matter what the hindrances are. Let us rejoice in what He had done for us so far and for all that He will do for us. Let our faith make us praise Him evermore for the unseen future.

Hebrews 12:2a – Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.

Thought for Today
Faith is the medium through which we are enabled to hold the hands of the invisible God in our forward march.

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