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Joy amidst resentment!

Verse for Today: Sunday, April 22, 2012

Psalms 90:1 – Lord, You have been our dwelling place (place of refuge) in all generations.

There are times in our lives when we do not have any place to go to and any one to talk to. When we are rejected, despised and resented by our dear ones, we feel dejected and isolated. A lot of people slip into depression and self-pity because of rejection. Rejection is often due to misunderstandings, misinterpretations, competition, envy and different behavioral complexes of those who resent others. We are rejected by the world because of gospel and the Savior. Joseph was rejected, resented and hated by his own brothers and it extended to a plot to kill him. Moses was resented by his own sister who was his savior when he was a baby. David was rejected by his own brothers and despised by his wife, father-in-law and the enemy kings around him. But the Lord was with all His children who went through the bitter experience of rejection and resentment. Moses felt that he had a refuge in times of rejection and resentment. He also felt the hand of the Lord on him through the generations because of a great plan God had for him. He acknowledges the ways by which the Lord was his anchor when there were fierce attacks from the enemy. He confesses the Lord’s providence of safety, security, provisions and guidance for all God’s people on all their days. Today God’s children who experience rejection can go to the Lord and find solace in His presence. The Lord is the place of rest and peace for all His rejected children. We can all go to that place of refuge and recharge our spiritual batteries to keep going. We can go to Him and confide in Him when our hearts are burdened and heavy and cast all our burdens on Him.
Dear reader, are you a rejected soul and are you experiencing resentment? Are the people around pretend as if you are not around any more and turn their faces away from you? Do your friends behave like enemies and isolate you in life? When these behaviors of people send great blows to your heart, it is likely that you want to withdraw from the world and become a recluse. But there is hope for you even in the midst of isolation and rejection. You are invited by the Lord Jesus who once was rejected by all His people. He will give you comfort and encouragement. Even when no one else talks to you, He will speak to you in soft and melodious voice. He will enrich you with His peace and love. You have the great opportunity in His presence to share all your burdens with Him. He understands the pain of rejection more than any one else. He gave great fellowship to His dear people like Joseph, David, Daniel, Paul and Peter when they were isolated by the enemies and cast into dungeons. We can meet David In the darkest of nights in a cave, still enjoying fellowship with the Lord and singing sweet songs of deliverance. When the enemy attack His children emotionally through isolation, the Lord is with them to strengthen them. When Paul was in the dungeon awaiting execution and when he found that all his companions deserted him, the Lord gave him a special vision of assurance and confidence. The same Lord is with us today to reassure us of His companionship and fellowship. He will never reject us nor forsake us. When the whole world rejected the woman of Samaria, the Lord spoke to her and gave her water of life to drink. Today He wants to touch us with His love if we go to His presence with our difficulties. When the enemy of our souls tries to send arrows of discouragements to us to drain away our spiritual energy, we have our Lord’s presence to hide and feel secure. We can go to Him to get spiritual and emotional rest. When we sit with the Lord, He will wipe our tears away and remove our loneliness. He will give us His joy which will be our strength in times of distress.

Psalms 90:14 – O satisfy us in the morning with Your lovingkindness that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.
Thought for Today
When we are locked up in the dungeons and caves of rejection and resentment, our Lord will be with us to give us His joy and strength.
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