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Promises unfailing!

Verse for Today: Thursday, December 29, 2011

1 Kings8:56 – Praise be to the Lord, who has given rest to His people Israel just as He promised. Not one word has failed of all the good promises He gave through His servant Moses.

We humans fail in our promises because we are imperfect. We give promises thoughtlessly and then change our words with the accompaniment of excuses of various sorts. Our promises are often wishful thinking and emotional upswings. Often we are unable to keep our promises because circumstances change and our capacity to keep the promises change. These broken promises end up in a lot of broken relationships and resultant conflicts. But that is not so with our Lord. He promises with full capacity to keep the promises. His promises are perfect because He is perfect. His emotions are not like the ever changing human emotions. He has all the resources at His disposal to keep any or all of His promises. His character doesn’t change and that is how His words are. His words are eternally secure in Heaven and so even when the circumstances change, He never changes not does His promises. All God’s promises are written in His eternal Word and He stands by it with His changeless character. No one will ever be able to point one finger against Him due to any change in His promises. God Himself is the guarantee that He will keep His promises. They are fulfilled as per the time schedule that He has announced. He gave a year for Isaac to be born. He gave the time frame of seventy weeks for the restoration of Israel. He promised a historical schedule for the Temple and the walls of Jerusalem to be rebuilt. He gave the promise of the Savior with all the details about his birth, genealogy, mother and place of birth, life, sufferings, death and resurrection with absolute precision. Jacob and his family went to Egypt and according to His promise they came back. The promise He gave to Joseph was fulfilled. Jesus fulfilled all His promises during His public ministry. He has given wonderful promises of care, compassion, love, peace and provisions for His children. All of these promises which have been fulfilled give us the authenticity that the promises for the future will also be fulfilled. Our yesterdays and todays are best assurance that our tomorrows will be platforms of fulfillment of all God’s promises to us.

Dear friend, have you at any time doubted the promises of God? Perhaps a long wait or the pressure of our situations might lead us to doubt the words of God. Sometimes we become doubtful because someone keeps challenging us as to why our God is not answering our prayers as per His promises. These were the confusions the enemy of our soul created for God’s children during the Old Testament times and in the first century church. But all these doubters were answered as God’s plan of fulfilling His promises unfolded day by day. We can see the way God’s promises unfolded in the historical developments in the world, nation of Israel and the church with precise time lines. The genealogy of Jesus Christ is clear evidence that His promises are fulfilled to its last dot or stroke. Down through the centuries millions of His children all over the globe testify to the faithfulness of God and the authenticity of His promises. They are fulfilled to the last syllable and all details worked out exactly as the Lord promised. These promises are as valid today as they were millenniums back. God never changes and His promises do not change in power, credibility and intent. We have the privilege to claim these promises personally and take God at His Word. He will not disappoint us and change His words and it is as true as He lives. Today God wants to challenge our faith to believe on His unchanging promises to live with absolute trust on Him.

Hebrews 10:23 – Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful.

Thought for Today

The unchanging promises of the changeless God will become real in the ever changing circumstances of His children.

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