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Quenching and Refreshing!
Verse for Today: Wednesday, January 1, 2014
Psalms 46:4 – There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy dwelling place of the most high.
Human life without water is unthinkable. When enemies attack us, they try to shut down sources of water to make us suffer and surrender. But when we find refuge in God in the wake of enemy attack, it is amazing to see how our God keeps water for us which the enemy cannot shut down. The circumstances of the sons of Korah were trying and tough with raging sea which rips off the earth beneath their feet. Their troubles were like the uprooting of mountain into the ocean of life. The consequences of such devastating situations are beyond imagination. But they were enabled to sing to the Lord in the midst of it all because their Lord kept a stream for them to drink and live. They knew that even when calamities come their way, they could trust in the Lord who created and controlled the seas, earth, mountains and the roaring and foaming waters. His hands lifted them over and above their circumstances and kept them safe in His palms. He opened their eyes to see the reservoir of water and other supplies that were kept for them. God’s stream existed over and above all their difficult circumstances which no force could tamper with. They realized then that there was no more reason for them to be alarmed. They took comfort and strength in God and His supply line. When they were in the presence of their heavenly refuge, their eyes were opened to see the provisions and protection made ready for them by Him which helped them to face their situations without anxiety, tension, stress and fear of the enemy. The key to their comfort and courage stemmed from their faith in the power and promises of God.

Hello dear friend, are you going through intimidation and fear because of the attacks of the enemy? Are you parched and scorched by the heat of your circumstances? Are you feeling like your courage and strength is drained out? Is fear devouring you and making you puzzled about your uncertain future? Is your throat parched with thirst and heat of your situation? But there is no need for you to lose your confidence. You must look to the future through the eyes of faith and see all that your Lord has prepared to help you face your situation. God’s army is fighting for you and His armor is in your hands to use against the enemy. All supplies are ready and made available. He has kept ready a stream of water for you to quench your thirst and refresh your soul. But you must by faith appropriate it and refresh yourself so that your weariness will disappear. Your drained out energy because of the circumstances will be regained. The river of grace, love, peace and joy will fill your heart and mind with God’s power and His Spirit. You are admonished to take your hands off your circumstances and pass everything on to the Lord and allow Him full freedom to handle it according to His perfect will. He who strengthened Jacob, made him ‘Israel’ and used him to accomplish His purpose will do the same for you today. When you get discouraged, look into the Word to see the mighty acts God has performed around the world to protect His beloved children from dark and dangerous circumstances and fierce attack of the enemy. You can definitely trust such a God who saved you and sustained you thus far. He who started a great work in you is faithful to continue with it and complete it as He has planned. .

Psalms 46:1 – God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Thought for Today
The loving hands of God carry His children as they pass through the raging seas of life.
Prayer for Today
Dear Lord Jesus: Help me to see the great provisions You have made for my daily living and trust You the midst of fiercest trials. Amen!

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