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Reward of greater confidence!

Verse for Today: Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hebrews 10:35 – So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.

It is a great encouragement to look back and remember how we endured severe trials in the past. These were the paths that we walked and faced tests, temptations, opposition, failures, losses and adversities of various kinds. During those tough moments in life, the Lord gave us courage and strength. These tough experiences were used by the Lord to build us up and to help us to grow in faith and trust in Him. There were times when we had no idea how we would have endured a sleepless night or faced a daytime of battles. But the Lord saw us through it all. He gave us courage to face our situations. He delivered us through miracles. He made us face situations for which we thought we had no strength. When there was no peace in our situations, He gave us His peace which passed all understanding. When we had shortages, He gave us the faith to trust Him to keep going with the confidence that the next meal would come from Him. When we were down and out, His angels came to pick us up and give us hope in our hearts and light in our eyes. The way thus far with full eventualities was also filled with adventures of faith. It was all possible because the Lord gave us His courage which we cannot throw away when the going gets tougher. The Lord who was with us so far and will be with us till the end. This confidence in the Lord increases our faith and trust to keep going to accomplish greater things for Him. Such faith is rewarded by Him as He keeps giving us more confidence to face the tougher days ahead. So there is no need for us to quit or go back or even take a detour. Our Lord is with us continually as the way gets rougher and the walk more cumbersome. He holds our hands, prepares our paths, gives us light to focus on the cross in front of us.

Dear reader, is your walk becoming tougher and rougher as days go by? Is your pathway pausing greater challenges as you walk the miles with the Lord? Do you often wonder how you would move forward in the midst of the present oppositions, battles and threats from your situations? Remember how He led you so far? It was because the Lord was with you and how He held your hands that you have arrived so far on your walk. The same Lord with greater grace is with you to take you forward. So you don’t need to know how the next moment in your life will treat you. At the right time, right measure of grace will be poured into your heart. Either the ravens will come or you will have a homemade meal in a poor widow’s home. Either the angel will come with bread and water or you will run all the way to mount Horeb. The same Lord who made it possible for you to be lifted up from the pit will open the doors of your dungeon to pick you up to go to the palace for the next phase of your ministry. When you come out of the lions’ dens, greater revelations of the glory of your Lord are waiting for you. Patmos is not the end of your pathway, but only the beginning for you to see all the way to eternity. The mob might attack you and connive to finish you off, but your Lord has greater ministries waiting for you in unusual places like broken ships, tribal islands, kings’ palaces and even in dark dungeons. The Lord who was with you at the Philippian jail will be with you in the tougher dungeon in Rome. As you keep walking with the Lord, your greater reward for little or weak faith is the greater strength He gives you to face tougher situations in your life. So dear reader, keep walking forward, meditating on the grace that you received in the past and focusing on the greater rewards of strength, courage, confidence and trust that are awaiting you in your future pathways.

Proverbs 3:26 – For the Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being snared.

Thought for Today

When the going gets tough, the Lord makes us stronger to face our situations and to come out victorious.

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