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Springs of Newer Songs

Verse for Today: Tuesday, December 28, 2010
Psalms 96:1 – Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth.

A child of God who sits in the presence of God and gazes at the glories and greatness of God comes up with innumerable reasons to sing to the Lord. His glories and attributes are so great that each of these demands innumerable expressions of praise, gratitude and wonder. Not only that, when we sit in the presence of the Lord, we are reminded of the various ways by which He touches our lives through His mighty acts. Each of these incidents of His gentle touch of encouragement, strength, building up and protection makes us come up with newer and newer ways to express His mercy and benevolence. These expressions make painters to paint new portraits, poets to write new poetry, composers to write new lyrics and the skillful fingers of the string instruments compose new notes of new heights of music. These are the different expressions of different kind that come out of the grateful hearts which have seen the various colours of His glory as these touch the various aspects of our lives. This is the setting at which the Psalmist invokes us today to sing a new song. Surely the old songs are worth repeating any number of times, but there is pressure in our souls to sing new songs of new thoughts and meditations about who our Lord really is and what He keeps doing for us. New songs are the new catches of original renditions that we get from the Spirit of God in our hearts. Throughout the last centuries, millions of new songs have come up in about 2000 languages in the world, but there is no end to it. Till the rapture, there will be more and more new songs of new beauty and elegance which help us to express our emotions of love, gratitude and worship to our Lord for who He really is and what He has done for us. Some of us are given the grace to compose, others are given the grace to make notations and chords, still others have the melodious vocal track to make it soothing, and some of us sing along and sing when we are alone. The music keeps going and praise keeps being lifted up to the Lord who is seated on the Throne.

Dear friend, you might not be a song writer, but even then, when you sit in the presence of God with a heart full of gratitude and indebtedness, your heart will be filled with newer and newer thoughts of newer depth and height about the person of our God. He is our Shepherd, leader, guide, friend, protector, encourager, strength, trainer, provider, healer and the lover of our souls. In each of these dimensions, there are far too many thoughts that come to our hearts, all of which will give us newer and newer expressions of our love and gratitude to the Lord. As we meditate on these, we get ourselves lost in the wonder and awe of Him and submit ourselves as living sacrifices to Him. He wants us to submit ourselves as worship as many times as possible each day because we mean so much to Him and He has done so much for us which demands as much expressions of gratitude from us as possible. We can also sing the new songs which come out of the hearts of God’s people and at the same time sing the old songs with new vigor, vitality and sincerity. This is what He expects from us. Think about the wonderful ways by which He leads us each day which demands so much of singing and praising. When we occupy ourselves thus with thoughts about Him and His mighty acts, we would not have time to murmur or grumble and our hearts will be full of grateful thoughts about Him and the resultant joy. Let the joy of singing fill our hearts today as we meditate on Him and His mighty acts. Let us be occupied with Him and Him alone, and let us live today as heavenly people who are truly seated in Heaven even when we are on earth physically.

Psalms 100:2 – Worship the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs.

Thought for Today
When the heart catches fresh visions of the glories of our God, it springs up newer expressions of love and worship.

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