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The Blindfolded Light!
Verse for Today: Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Psalms 118:27a – The Lord is God and He has given us light.

This world is groping in darkness without direction. Its leaders are trying to desperately find a way out of the problems while still in darkness and find that all their efforts are in vain. When they solve one problem, scores of other problems prop up in front of them and they are at a loss. Their promises are like pictures drawn on water. But that is not the case with the children of God. They have God Almighty living in their lives. Once their eyes were blind and they were in darkness, without direction and hope. But the God of the Universe has become their Lord who gave them spiritual vision and insight to see the way created for them by Him. Their lives and pathways are lighted by the Heavenly light so that they can see the way God has carved out for them. They are given faith to trust in the Lord to keep going forward. They are not concerned about what lies ahead because they have put their trust in the One who knows what lies ahead. It is like traveling in an ocean liner through the vast ocean, putting all our trust in the captain of the ship. When God’s children put all their trust in the Captain of the Universe to take them forward, they can relax and travel joyfully. Even when they do not know what would happen the next moment, they would enjoy the peace that passes all understanding and stay confident. They are able to live in the light, and at the same time they are made light for others to see the Light of the World. They are taught to pray for their daily bread and to trust their Lord to supply their every need on a daily basis. They receive daily grace to enjoy each day and keep going in the light that is shed abroad in their hearts by their Lord.

Dear friend, are you seeking direction and guidance for your daily life? Are there instances when you do not know right from wrong? Are you concerned about important matters in your life and desire divine guidance? The Lord Jesus went through darkness in this world in order that your eyes might be open to see the way He has made for you to pursue today. He was blindfolded so that you would see His light. His light is shed into your heart through His Spirit who lives in you and help you understand His Word which is your travel manual in your sojourn in a world of slavery, misery, darkness and confusion. All you need to do is to commit your ways unto the Lord who is your light in life and He will show you the way. When your circumstances are made dark by the enemy, you don’t need to be anxious, but to allow the Lord to hold your hands to take you forward. But you need to watch out for the traps of the enemy on your way to distract you from the pathway marked out by the Lord for you. The enemy will give you so many reasons to think that the way shown by him is the right way and if he fails in that, he will confuse you to choose the wrong way. So when you and I need guidance and light, let us look unto the Light of the World and see His light to guide us to go forward. His way is the way of the cross and not the broad way of the world which is after popularity, prestige, possessions, positions and power. He walked the Calvary Road for us carrying the old rugged cross, taking all the shame, mockery, rejection and despising. We are asked to follow Him in His lifestyle. Let His goals be our goals and His desires be ours today and all the days of our lives. He shed His light on the way of the cross for us to go forward and let us rejoice as we see His light on His way, for He is the way, the truth and the life.

Psalms 36:9 – For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light.

Thought for Today
When our circumstances blindfold us, we can hold the Hands which hold our future and walk boldly.

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