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Unshaken during turmoil!

Verse for Today: Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Psalms 62:2 – God alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I shall not be greatly moved.

Those who are on the Rock of Ages and make God their fortress can boldly say that they shall not be greatly moved by unfavourable circumstances. They are bound to face mighty and devastating winds and waves which blow against them just as any one else. But they are grounded on the rock who is their God. Their confidence and strength come from God in whom they depend irrespective of their situations. Their circumstances will be contaminated by the enemy of their souls to make them shake up and be scattered. But their dependence in the Lord will be their stronghold in times of anguishes and trials of various kinds. The promises of God which are planted in their hearts by His Spirit will give them the faith to even move mountains from their situations. It is not the quality of their faith that matters, but the object of their faith who is their Lord who make all the difference in their confidence in life. So when they are battered by unpleasant circumstances, all they need to do is to hold on to their Lord and His promises so that their hearts and minds will stay steadfast and without wavering. The Hebrew youth had no wavering in Babylon when they were threatened to be dropped in the fiery furnace. Daniel had not lost his confidence when he was thrown in to the den of hungry lions. Noah had the courage to go through the flood which was a strange experience for him. Joseph was confident that His Lord would not forsake him as he went through the experiences of the pit, slavery and prison. Peter was able to sleep in peace when he was about to be executed. John was in meditation and prayer on Patmos rather than getting agitated about his loneliness. David sang songs of praise and confidence when he had to move from cave to cave to wait for God’s time to come into his life to lift him up. This God is our God who makes us stand on the Rock and be firm and unmovable.

Dear friend, are you faced with rough situations in life which are capable of uprooting you from where you are situated? Is there darkness around you which makes it difficult for you to go forward? Are you apprehended by uncertainties and instabilities in life? Do you feel that you are left alone to suffer as in the case of David? But this is no cause for you to feel vulnerable because your Lord has placed you on a Rock which is the Lord Himself. All His promises are given for you to claim and live by it. The power of God is available for you to live by. Your God is a present help in times of intense difficulties. He will not give you any trial that is beyond your capacity to handle. If He intensifies the trial, He will also give you the strength to withstand the pressures of the trial. Our Lord doesn’t enjoy making us suffer, but He sympathizes with us in our sufferings. He gives us the grace to go through the trials so that you will grow in strength and dependence on Him. God’s servants like Daniel, David, Jacob and Joseph grew in stature in faith as a result of the trials. When they passed through intense pressure, their faith grew stronger and they served the Lord in more intense manner which has helped them to forget the intense heat of their situations. They enjoyed the Lord as their fortress and learned to trust Him more which helped them to grow in their faith. Our Lord is with us today as we go through rough patches in life and He will give us greater strength to face our new situations for the praise of His name.

Psalms 46:1 – God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Thought for Today

Fierce and shattering circumstances cannot move us because we stand on the immovable Rock of Ages.

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