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Wings and shadow!

Verse for Today: Saturday, December 7, 2013
Psalms 17:9 – Hide me in the shadow of your wings from the wicked who assail me, from my mortal enemies who surround me.

When faced with powerful and wicked enemies, even the most courageous becomes fearful and fretful. In spite of the past victories against formidable Goliaths, we feel weak and powerless when continuously under attacks. During those moments of utter hopelessness, we would want to run for refuge to escape. That was the experience of David when his enemies almost overpowered him. When there was physical and emotional warfare from all around, it is not easy for us to withstand all these pressures. We tend to become frightened and lose our hope. In the heights of despair, we even utter words of unbelief, discouragement and despondency. Prophet Elijah went through such experiences and he even prayed that he would rather go home to heaven. But even at such times, our God is with us and He will not abandon us. His answers come in mysterious ways. David got mysterious deliverance from his enemies and he was even made king over them. At the depth of his hopelessness, Elijah got a visitation from heaven to meet all his physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Apostle John got a vision about heaven itself during those lonely days during exile. Apostle Paul had regular heavenly reinforcement to fortify and encourage him. God’s reinforcements came after Abraham and Jacob in times of deep gloom, unbelief and doubts. God interfered in the life of emperors to mysteriously turn the lives of His chosen servants like Joseph and Daniel. Yes, whether we feel it or not, we are hidden under the wings of the Almighty and we dwell in His shadows to enjoy His coolness during severe, moderate or mild attacks from the enemies.

Dear friend, are you facing formidable enemies and situations from which escape eludes you? Is your situation intimidating and making you lose hope about your future? Is the enemy gnawing the teeth and moving its jaws to devour you? But even in such most fearful moments, God wants to remind you that you are kept safe in arms of the Almighty. God has already decreed that no power on earth or under the earth will ever separate you from His love. He reassures you that you are in the palm of His hands and that no one is capable of snatching you away from Him. So you might wonder as to why you are facing formidable enemies on a regular basis? Well, this is to test your faith and to strengthen you further in your trust. It is also to help you to renew your faith and trust in God. God wants you to know that He is greater than all the enemies who try to devour you and He will not permit the enemies to swallow you up. His divine wall of protection is around you. His grace is sufficient to keep your heart and mind at peace even when there seem to be no hope. His promises of hope are to keep reminding you of the heavenly wall of protection around you. When you ask for hiding you, you are already hidden under His wings and that your prayers are answered before you even ask. Such is the love, concern, care and compassion our Father has for you. So during moments of encounter with the enemy, we must keep our eyes and focus on the Lord. Today let us take our eyes off our situations and the formidable enemies who are around us. Let’s focus on the mighty power of our God that encompasses around us and enjoy His strength and protection.

Isaiah 49:16 – See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before Me.  

Thought for Today
When we are surrounded by the invisible army of God, there is no reason to be afraid of circumstances and mortals.

Prayer for Today
Dear Lord Jesus: Help me today to fully trust in Your promises and enjoy the rest and peace that come from You for confident living. Amen!

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