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Question 5: Critical view of contemporary faith
    Psalm 89:7 – Is God really feared and revered by the assembly of saints?
    Fear and reverence for God is a matter of our attitude which comes from our relationship with Him. If we have seen Him in His glory and if we have spiritual and Scriptural knowledge about the Holy One, then it will be seen in the way we live and in all aspects of our practical lives. To the extent to which we have seen Him in glory, we will be surrendered to Him, His Word and His Spirit and live to please Him and Him alone. This is actual fear of the Lord and the devotion we will have to Him. The example of Isaiah in Chapter 6 is a good example of the devotion, loyalty and submission to God in the life of Isaiah.
There is a wide range of different levels of fear people have about God, but it is very difficult for us to know or measure it precisely for sure. There are many who fear God in their personal lives, but these are not often seen in their public life. There are those who demonstrate such fear when they pray, but fail to show it in their practical life.
We may say that devotion, fear and reverence are on the wane because of the coldness of heart, losing of the first love we had for Him at the time of our salvation, our backsliding and the way the world and materialism have encroached into our lives to thus diminish our vision about Him and His glory.
So let us be more concerned about our own life of devotion and fear of the Lord and renew our loyalty and obedience to Him and make ourselves as examples for others to follow. This is one way we can influence others in the fear of the Lord. We should also pray for them and try to influence them through fellowship and effective spiritual communication. 
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