Diversity with a Plan: Luke 6 :13-16

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In Luke 6:13-16 we see the list of the Apostles. What struck me the most is the diversity of the group. There were spontaneous people, wavering people, doubters, encourages, quiet ones, people with patriotic ideas. There were rich people, tax collectors were the most hated, there were some who considered themselves the most favourite and of course there were people like Judas. Each of them had their own purpose in that group and Jesus had a plan for bringing each into that group. They always had fights as to who was the greatest and most important among them but once they met the resurrected Jesus only unity was seen among them

The similarity with the church is so striking. Church is also filled with all sorts of people, so diverse. God has brought them all together for a purpose. Let us praise God for the different types of people in our churches. Let us not be people who fight among ourselves. Let us not be position and power-hungry with a feeling we are the always right ones. Let us be like the disciples after they met the resurrected Christ, united in spreading the gospel, united and strengthening the church, united in waiting for the return of Christ. May Lord enable us to accept one another, serve one another, encourage one another and love one another in the body of Christ.

-Dr. John

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