Beware of spiritual valleys : Luke 9:40

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In Luke 9:40, we read, “so I implored your disciples to cast it out but they could not.” I find that this one particular verse teaches me about the frailty of human nature. Yes we might have had a mountain peak experience, yes these disciples had witnessed the glory of the Lord, they had witnessed the Lord Jesus Christ in all his splendor, they had witnessed the Transfiguration of Lord Jesus Christy. But they had to come down to the plains, they had to face the normal routine problems of human life. But we find that in this particular situation that the disciples could not find a solution, the disciples could not answer the questions of this world but we find that when Jesus steps into that situation He is the answer to the problem.

Here we find that He can solve the issues and problems of life. Yes my dear brothers and sisters, many times we cannot find the answers. We might have had a mountain peak experience but when we come down into this world and when we face the problems of this world we might be failures. But praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ because He is victorious and He answers and find solutions to our problems. Praise be to God.


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