Dependable comforter : Luke 8:49-56

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In Luke chapter 8:49 -56 we see Jesus raising the Daughter of Jairus. In the process we see Jesus making two wonderful statements, “do not be afraid only believe”, “do not weep she is not dead but sleeping”- 2 most comforting statements. In this troubled world there are fears of death, fear of future, fear regarding as being failures, fear of us or our loved ones being hurt emotionally, mentally or physically. In the midst of it, Jesus is saying do not be afraid only believe in Him.

When tears well up inside us, when we cry into her pillows, when we wipe away that single tear which rolls down our cheeks hoping no one saw us being so frail and weak, isn’t it so comforting when Jesus says, ‘hey come on don’t weep this is not the end, just a bent’. Here He comforts the parents, told them not to weep. And He did not just stop there, He acted upon His words. What a wonderful God we serve who acts on his promises, who comforts us, wipes out every tear and always comes through for us in all our situations. Have a blessed day filled with the reality of his availability.


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