Forsake all when full : Luke 5 :11


In Luke 5:11 we read, they forsook all and followed Him. The fishermen had toiled all night and caught nothing, their boats and nets were empty. But after listening to Jesus they had a full net and a boat ready to sink because of the catch. Now which is easier, to forsake all when it is empty or when it is full? We want to follow Him when life is empty, when there is no more meaning to life, when there is no energy and health remaining, when you are no more interested in the pleasures? Or when you’re full of energy, when your life is filled with job, family and achievements?

We find that the disciples forsook all when they were filled with earthly temporal blessings. What about you, when will you start following wholeheartedly the Lord, when you are full or empty? If you are full and seems there is no time, let me tell you God wants you the most at that time. More they got, more they surrendered. The measure of your surrender is a measure of your love. May God give you the discretion and understanding to follow Christ when you are full.


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