Worth the wait : Luke 7: 11-16


In Luke chapter 7:11-16 we see a great miracle taking place. A widow loses her only son. It’s a very sad picture, a heartbroken mother who has lost her only hope. People gather around are trying to comfort her. A desperate, unforeseen and an heartbreaking event, but it is at this time we see Jesus intervening. Jesus works at opportune times for maximum benefit. He waits till its right for a miracle. We might have to wait long, but once it’s time dead is brought back to life, a mother gets a child back. People are amazed. They see the hand of God and God is glorified

Sometimes situations turn from bad to worse to desperate for a purpose. Waiting may be hard but once God steps in there’s benefit in that particular hopeless situation. Dear ones are blessed, people see the hand of God and God is glorified. Our God is a God who is never late. He knows what He’s doing in our lives. Maybe the wait is long but as we continue to trust Him the wait is worth it.



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