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Verse for Today: Monday, March 14, 2011
Matthew 14:30 – But seeing the wind, he became frightened, and beginning to sink, he cried out, “Lord, save me”.

We are given two options as we open our eyes. Either we can see all that is against us and be frightened, or see the Lord Jesus in front of our eyes and be encouraged. The wind, waves and the roaring sea are intimidating and can cause doubt in our minds. We often imagine the consequences of these opposing forces and loose hope. The enemy of our souls will always try to cause us fear and doubt by manipulating our circumstances and situations. But there is no need for us to be afraid because our Lord is there for us. He is able to save us from any situation with His mighty power. All the elements and powers of nature were created by Him to serve His children. A wind is supposed to blow, but that doesn’t mean that it is against us. Let the wind come and go, but we are safe in the hands of our Lord. His presence is guaranteed for us even in the midst of the worst situations. The powers of darkness will always try to intimidate us and push us into despair. But our Lord is so near us to whom we can call for help. He has already made provisions to save us from the perils of situations. He has given us the privilege to call upon Him to help us. How many times in the past has the Lord reassured us that there is no reason to be afraid because He is with us! But when we find another fierce situation in the future, we tend to lose our hope. Instead, we need to only put our faith in the Lord to see us through the storm. It is amazing that Peter did not sink yet, but he thought he was going to sink. It was when he took his eyes off Jesus and focused on the wind that he felt he would sink. That is exactly what the enemy will make us do. The enemy will manipulate the situations to tempt us to take our eyes off Jesus, but we should not fall a prey to such traps, and keep meditating on the Lord Jesus and His mighty power to save us.

Dear friend, are you confronted by a mighty wind or powerful wave in front of your eyes? Is the intimidating power demonstrated in front of your eyes so mighty that you probably think that it would devour or engulf you? But there is no need for you to succumb to these situations by looking at it and imagine what it can cause to you. Your Lord is near you with stretched out arms to help and strengthen you. He is asking you to feel His presence even in the midst of the mighty wind and waves. He wants you to change your focus from the extraneous forces and look at Jesus who is in your heart. His mighty angels are all around you to keep you safe. The Lord will keep you as the apple of His eyes. The enemy can only create a situation to sow elements of doubt and confusion in your mind, but the Word of the Lord is sowed in your heart to empower you to weather away the threats. The word of promise that you are given is from the Lord and is as powerful as the Lord Himself. The Lord and His promises are given to you so that you can rely on Him to feel the safety and security that He wants to give you. He will never leave you alone and will never forsake you. You are so precious to the Lord that He would never allow you to sink in your situation and loose your faith. The wind will always be there which will make the waves roar in the sea of life. But there is a guarantee that you will not sink or drown because your security is guaranteed by the Lord. The power of His Spirit and His promises are in you to keep you from doubting. You need to make use of the resources given to you to keep away from fear, anxiety, doubt, confusion, loneliness, intimidation and perplexity. You can challenge any wind or storm around you in the name of your Lord and get victory over it. Look straight unto Him and get victory over all the intimidating forces you are confronted with today and live a life of victory through faith and trust in the Lord who has enriched you with His presence today.

Psalms 46:2 – Therefore we will not fear; though the earth should change and though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea.

Thought for Today
In the midst of the worst situations in life, there is strength, comfort and joy for a look at the Lord who is near us.

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