Japan Earthquake: Death Toll Soars

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In a matter of 1 Hour, World’s 3rd Largest Economy, was devastated with an earthquake of magnitude 8.8 followed by a Tsunami.The country is still grappling with the fact that normalcy is certainly not anywhere in sight and that March 11th was just a beginning of woes.The Death Toll which is counting at the time of writing is 5178 and is heading to count of many more thousands in the days to come.
With Explosions in Nuclear reactors, Epidemics… etc on cards, Death will continue its conquest on the land of the rising sun.

But my Friend, Death is nothing new. Death is inevitable. We must all die. One or the other time, we would all be victims this merciless enemy.

It needs no passport or visa, it crosses all national, geographical, social and political boundaries. It enters the palace as well as the hovel, it takes the best as well as the worst, it robs the family of a cherished mother, it carries away the much needed breadwinner and often it steals the darling sons and daughters from their grieving parents. It severs the tenderest ties on earth without an apology. It does its dreadful work and departs without a tear or a backward look to see the sadness it has inflicted.

What is living if we all have to die at the end?…..Do you know how to claim victory over Death?….. What about the life beyond Death?……. Do you have any hope for the life beyond death? …

The Bible says that we all have sinned before God and hence will surely Die. Death is the result of sin.

But!! the Holy Scripture also says that the only Sinless Man and God- Jesus Christ also Died. He tasted tasted Death for our Souls. He died for you. He died to set you free from the awful power of sin.

This the most important fact that Holy Bible talks about you. Lord Jesus Christ loves you so much. “For God so loved this word that He gave His only begotten Son [Jesus] that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life”. John 3:16.

He being the Son of God, He had no sin in Him. But He loved you so much that He never wanted to see you perish in Hell but he wanted you to be in heaven, in His presence. You may have sinned against him and gone away from Him, but He still loves you. You may have gone 1000 steps away from God; because of your sins, but He is just a step behind you to take you back into the presence of God.

My Friend, God Loves you and He would Love to see you in Heaven. It is not your good works or right living, that can take you to Heaven. Lord Jesus is the only way to Heaven.

Irrespective of who you are, you can be certain of going to Heaven after death. God is ready to forgive you of all your dreaded sins. Lord Jesus is the manifestation of His Love for you.You can have hope for a life beyond Death.

Br. John Kurian points out from the bible, how hope for life beyond death is found only in Jesus.



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