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Verse for Today: Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Nehemiah 2:20a – “The God of Heaven will give us success. We His servants will start building……”.

When God’s children get going according to His perfect will and attempt great things for Him, He will help them accomplish the task. While they are in the journey, God will give them the great confidence that He will help them and that He will be with them to reach the goal for which He empowers them. It is God who will give us the strength and courage to go forward to accomplish the purpose for which He has set our feet out. The mission is His and the means are His. The pathway is His, the effort is with His energy, and the journey is with Him. This confidence in Him to go forward and attempt great things for Him is a special gift from God in the wake of stiff opposition from the enemy of our souls. Our enemy knows that we are human and are prone to discouragement. He knows that we are often a bunch of quitters in the face of mockery and ridicule. These tactics were used by people when Noah started to build an ark. All God’s children who set out to accomplish great things for God, will face such discouragements and doubts created by the enemy. As we set out, the atmosphere might be cloudy with a forecast for thunder and storm. The enemy will give us a number of reasons why our purpose may not be accomplished. But when we go to the presence of God as did Isaiah, David, Nehemiah, Paul and others, He will give us the strength to trust Him to accomplish the purpose for which He has called us. He has seen the end of our mission, and it is He who gives us all the resources to keep going to do what we are commissioned to do. The work is His and we are His. So when we remain in His will, success will come from Him and no force on earth or under the earth will be able to prevent us from reaching our destination.

Dear friend, are you facing stiff opposition and hindrance from the enemy in your mission for the Lord? Is the enemy coming around to mock and ridicule your efforts and confuse your mind about the futility of your mission? Don’t you believe a word from it because the enemy’s task is to discourage you and lead you to quit. He is an expert in mockery and ridicule and he tried it on Noah, David and Moses and had no hesitation to try it even on our Lord Jesus here on earth. He tried all that he could to stop Nehemiah and Ezra from rebuilding the Temple and its walls. Had Noah listened to the enemy, the ark would have never been built. Had David heeded to his murmur of discouragement, he would have never killed Goliath or become the king of Israel. Let us today encourage ourselves from the courageous and firm response from Nehemiah and declare that the God of Heaven is with us and will empower us to accomplish His purpose through us in this world. Let us take courage from the Lord to keep going rather than sitting on the sidelines to let the opportunity pass by. Let us look by faith to the end of the tunnel and see the light there and keep moving forward according to the schedules of the Lord. By faith, let us see the completion of the mission He has entrusted with us and believe that our Lord will help us succeed. Failure is not a word which we can find in the dictionary of God. Success is always a step by step process in and through God with His resources, guidance, schedule and purpose all the way. We are chosen by grace to be partakers of this great work and program of God with a guarantee that what we start with the Lord will come to its completion. So let us be encouraged to keep going in our walk with the Lord and trust Him to help us to accomplish His purpose in and through our livelihood, family, social and church life and in our ministries for God’s glory.

1 Corinthians 16:9 – For a wide door for effective service has opened for me, and there are many adversaries.

Thought for Today
When you are set out by the Lord to accomplish His purpose on earth, enemies and their mockery or ridicule will not matter at all.

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