US: Israel need to stop West Bank construction

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Israel is being put under tremendous pressure by one of its closest allies in the world, The US.
President Obama who has his roots in Islam, continues to float away from the Israeli cause. Toney Blair known to be another devilish man and part of many occult groups, here talks of the need for a palestinian state.


While in Indonesia, President Obama says all construction must stop.

The US asked Israel to freeze all new settlement construction begun after September 26th for a 90-day period in exchange for support in the United Nations and 20 additional advanced fighter planes worth $3 billion, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

The principles of this agreement designed to restart peace talks with the Palestinians, were relayed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to his inner cabinet, a forum of seven ministers, on Saturday night and will be explained to the full cabinet on Sunday.

The US said that if the deal was accepted it would not request an additional settlement freeze. The request does not include east Jerusalem.

Israel continues to lose its closest friends in the US and UK, while the EU, Germany and Russia begin to form their alliance against the state of Israel.

A must watch scenrios over the next few months as an economically weak US starts to lose its military power
and dominance which will be disaster for Israel. Even the 6 day war that Israel won was by the tremendous US aid in the form of tanks and fighter aircrafts. If US withdraws its strategic support to Israel, we can pretty much be sure that we are see world changing events of strategic shifts in power equations.

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