Bibliology : Inspiration of the Bible – Bro. Jobin John Mathew [Audio sermon]

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Bibliology: Inspiration of Bible

Posted here is the sermon delivered by Br. Jobin John Mathew at the Assembly Bible Classes on 23rd to 29th April.

Passage of Reference: 2 Pet 1:21, 1 Cor 2:10-13, 1 John 4:7-8

Bro Jobin John Mathew mentions about three important I’s in the Bible. They are:

1. Inspiration
2. Innerancy
3. Interpretation

The Bible is inspired by Holy Spirit. God is responsible for every word in the Bible. The Holy Spirit inspired the author to write the Original Manuscript.

• God brought into being the very words composed in the Bible.
• Through the work of the Holy Spirit, He put the words into the author’s mind.
• He allowed the situation and circumstances of the author to compose the Holy Word.
• Since God brought the Word to life, there is no error.

Audio Sermon


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