COLOSSIANS – Relations of a Perfect Christian – Br. Godly Abraham – [Audio sermon]

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COLOSSIANS – Relations of a Perfect Christian

Posted here is the sermon at Borivali Assembly on 8th November 2017.

Passage of Reference: Colossians 4

Book of Colossians was written to new believers at Colosse. It was in response to four different types of false doctrines that had crept silently into their midst, possibly by the arrival of some outsiders. Epaphras brought this to the notice of Apostle Paul while under house arrest in Acts 28. Paul, therefore, writes the four chapters to the believers encouraging them to strive for a life of perfection and maturity. The method and manner of perfection can be attained by the principles laid out in the four chapters of Colossians. In Chapter 4: Paul is now moving from personal practical Christianity to public practical Christianity. The links and relationship of a believer are laid on here. Ten names are mentioned in this chapter and they are listed because they have a varying degree of perfection in them.

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