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Sufferings compensated!
Verse for Today: Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Romans 8:18 – I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.
God’s children will face sufferings and persecutions in this world as we live for Jesus. The enemy of our souls hates us because we belong to Jesus. Satan’s hatred against the Lord Jesus becomes hatred against His redeemed people also. Satan doesn’t want us to praise the Lord Jesus and rejoice in Him. So he, along with his agents, world and flesh, uses all possible means to hurt us physically, emotionally and socially and tries to distract us from our spiritual walk. It has been seen that the more we are committed for the Lord Jesus and the more we work for Him, the more we are under attack. The enemy manipulates circumstances, situations, things, information and people to pour contempt, persecution, oppression, suppression and rejection on God’s people. His warfare is often psychological and he tries to inflict emotional bruises in our souls. He puffs up the minds of people to develop suspicion and doubt about us. He manipulates our social and work relationships to put intense pressure in our souls and plunge us into frustration. As our minds thus get cluttered, we tend to become fearful, anxious and depressed. This is when we forget about praising the Lord and fall a prey to self pity and false guilt, and slowly plunge ourselves into isolation, insulation and withdrawal. But our Lord wants us to be careful not to fall into the trap of the enemy through self inflicted grief and depression. He understands our circumstances and will give us strength to weather away any turbulent situation. When we sit in His presence and meditate on His Word, He will reveal His glory to us and help us to forget the sufferings we have in our souls. When His glory is illuminated in our souls, we will find our turbulent situations become shadows which will soon pass away.
Dear friend, are you being tossed around by the enemy of your soul? Is the enemy manipulating your situations and circumstances to put emotional and social pressure and thus to inflict pain and grief in your heart? Is he using people and circumstances to intimidate and persecute you? Are you suffering loss and facing threats from the enemy in your work place or neighborhood? But God uses these circumstances to temper your soul and your heart. He uses the fiery attacks of the enemy to purify you and to make you trust Him more deeply. When you are thus purified through fire, you will shine more intensely for the Lord and will cause His name to be glorified through you. He will also show you a glimpse of the glory that is awaiting you in eternity. When you suffer injustice, He will clothe you with His rob of righteousness. He will reveal to our hearts the glory that we are going to receive in Heaven which is far beyond any thing that we could ever imagine. He also bestows crowns to those who suffer for doing the right things in this life for the Lord. When we see the revelation of the glory that awaits us, it would help us to forget the pain and the misery that we are called upon to suffer for the Lord in our walk with Him.  Apostle Paul enjoyed this revelation of the future glory that awaited him and it helped him to comfort himself in times of intense pressure and heat that the world inflicted on him. Our Lord wants us to sit in His presence today to meditate on His Word and get a glimpse of the glory that awaits us in our eternal Home. Our future glory far more compensates for the sufferings that we endure in this life. Let us today praise God for the privilege to suffer for Him and for His cause as we put our hope in the future glory that will soon be our portion.
Romans 8:33 – Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies. 
Thought for Today
The sight of the future glory through our spiritual eyes will remove the tears of sufferings the world puts in our physical eyes.
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