Blessed Be The Alpha – By Bro Aaron Dais [Song]

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Blessed Be The Alpha

Blessed be Alpha!

This songs music and lyrics are composed by Bro Aaron Dias

This is the lyrics.

We worship You, we honour You
To You oh Lord our God we give the praise
We lift Your name higher and higher
At the name of Jesus all our voices raise…

Ch: Blessed be the Alpha and Omega, the Son of God
Blessed be our King and our Master, seated at the right hand of God
Blessed be Emmanuel, God with us,
The Messiah of the world
But above all blessed be the risen Lord.

We give You thanks for You have redeemed us
Cleansed and raised us from our sin
We give You thanks for the price You’ve paid
For Your very own self and blood You gave
That is why…

Br: We thank You for in the bad times
You’re holding us safe in Your hands
Jesus we love You
For You have made us everything we are…

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