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Rolling Thunders, Folding Clouds,
Smoking Mountains, Fiery Sky
en-flames the horizon and thus shudders the soul.
Heavy Hearts, Feeble feet,
Knocking Knees, Shivering Hands,
Rumbles and Tumbles, Pandemonium air
And Nerve Wreaking din, as Sinai goes up in flames
In the Presence of Almighty.

The Hand of God is Here Below
Only but for a line to draw,
A Line Betwixt God And Man
To Mark a Sinner and Whose Not.

And so, to indite the 10 Commandments
Did the hand on the mount appear;
But, but, but, No Sooner given
than the very first broken!
Law Given, Sin Committed,
Death Empowered, 3000 slain,
Judgement Out poured, Fury Busted,
Who can stand Justified
Before this Holy God?

But then the hand Appeared!
Touching Lepers, Healing sick,
Calming storms, Silencing Critics,
Embracing the Depressed, Encouraging the Deprived
Empowering the Weak, Enriching the Poor,
Raising the dead and Found of little children.
Yes! ‘Tis the same hand!
The same that flung stars into place
and the same did the Decalogue pen.
A hand so Righteous, A Hand divine
Yet nailed to a tree, to save sinners indign.
Hands outstretched wide and cruel nails to assist;
Oh let those nails fall down, for His Love would have held Him!!

The hand of God is here below,
Only but to take us beyond the line
and make us one with God!
For who shall separate us now?

But then the hand will Appear,
with a Rod of Iron, a Sceptre of Righteousness;
To dash in pieces His enemies, and to reign gloriously.
For the Psalmist Declares:-
“The right hand of the LORD is exalted: the right hand of the LORD does valiantly. ”
But, But, But, Through all the glory and all grandeur ,
would I gaze, stare,
And long nothing but for,
A sight of those cruel nail prints!
Nail prints of Love, in the Hands of God

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